Very few people can keep themselves motivated at work. For fewer people like these, keeping themselves motivated is an effortless task. For others like me, motivation can seem way more challenging to achieve.

Honestly saying, back in the day, I was sluggish at work. I couldn’t hold it when a lot of pressure came up at a time. I bet, if you are reading this article, that means you have also been going through these problems.

But don’t worry anymore, I have been reading so many articles, watching tons of videos to find some solutions that match my difficulties. Finally, I came up with something that really helped me out with my work motivation. Here are those 11 Unique Ideas To Be Motivated At Work

How To stay motivated

1. Make Sure Your Goal Is Right

Many people run after myths. OK, OK, don’t get offended. Let me explain. If you work on something that you are not interested in, you will lose motivation. Yes, that’s 99% right. Let me share with you one of my personal experiences. Back in 2017, I invested half of my savings in a local business. You know why? Just because I needed to reinvest my money to make some more money. And in the first month of 2019, which means just in two years, I lost all of them. The reason behind, I was not interested in doing what I had to do in this business. I just ran after their money-making concept. So first consider what you want to achieve.

So it doesn’t matter what your goal is about, whether it is about your career, education, financial or physical. You have to set a SMART goal first. And here is what SMART stands for

2. Commit Yourself To Do The Best

Now you are done with setting goals. Let’s discuss something very important, and that is committing to ourselves. See, to become a successful person, you have to reach your goal and cross your limit. You may find some good people around on the internet who may consult you for some good and sort your work-out. But at the end of the day, you have to finish your work yourself. Remember, the only way to be the best at your task is to make it your mission.

3. Cut Your Cake In Pieces

No matter how much you love eating cake, you can’t just eat a big size of cake at once. Hey, keep patience; I am not talking about an exact cake. Here, I am talking about making a to-do list and dividing your work into steps. It will make you feel more comfortable with your work. Seeing a lot of work at once will give you a slight pressure, and it may make you nervous. When you divide your work, you will feel like a feather while completing the tasks.

4.Tick Items From Your List If Done

Believe me, you will love this part. Ticking an item off your To-Do list literally will push you off a bit more. Once you are done with ticking items off your list, you will get extra motivation for work. This thing still makes me excited like a child, even more, when I am done with the whole list ticking.

5. Set Up A Reward System For Yourself

Rewarding yourself can be a fantastic idea when it’s time to keep motivated to yourself at work. If you have to finish a project or course or anything, set a deadline for it. When it’s done, reward yourself with something you love to eat. I like Ice Cream personally.

6. Take Breaks

Even a line in a paragraph needs to have a comma somewhere. However, taking these breaks can actually help you to be motivated and give a new push to work. If you are a beach person like me, then have a short trip and enjoy the sound of waves at the sea.

7. Don’t Focus On Things; You Can’t Control

This is obvious. Lots of people lose their mind trying to control things they can’t precisely control. Remember, We are human beings. We can’t control everything we want to. Instead, worry about those things you have the power to excel in.

9. Organize Yourself

Being organized all the time, having a work routine is really helpful to be motivated. Believe me; Organizing thing really brings a good result.

10.Pay Enough Attention

Did you notice that I missed the point 8? Yes, so whatever you do, do with enough attention so that you can catch up with everything. Do not work on multiple tasks at once.

11. Stay With Positive People

Did you ever hear that positive affirmations can be beneficial? If it yes, you heard it right. Finding positive peoples is critical these days. You will find a lot of people will demotivate you and will make fun of your ideas. But, I belong to those persons who don’t give a damn about all this. Believe in yourself. Stay with positive peoples who love you and your works.

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